Luncheon with Brenda Smith, Assistant Commissioner, Office of International Trade, CBP

WHS Board Member Kristin Cooke with Assistant Commissioner Smith

Dozens of folks joined WHS for a luncheon with Brenda Smith, Assistant Commissioner of the Office of International Trade at CBP. Ms. Smith discussed the international cooperation between the U.S. and allies across the globe to prevent terrorist networks from infiltrating the country, in addition to the numerous other trade issues that arise to achieve the free-flow of commerce.  BIG THANKS to Deloitte for hosting and sponsoring this luncheon.

In addition to a great exchange with members, Assistant Commissioner Smith spent some time with WHS members and interns who joined the luncheon to hear more about the “real world” of CBP!  Have an idea for a speaker you’d like to hear?  Let us know!

WHS women with Brenda SmithWHS luncheon Kalyna interns