S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

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We are excited that you are interested in learning more about Women in Homeland Security’s STEM Initiative.  The mission of the WHS STEM effort is to connect kids in middle to upper school with WHS members that work with homeland security technologies that “show” STEM in action.

Women in Homeland Security launched our STEM initiative in 2012 with a tour and visit at the U.S. Secret Service Forensic labs.  We worked with one school to brings kids in 7th grade to see the “science” behind forensics at the agency that protects the President of the United States.  That connection was so successful that next, we worked with three schools to bring 7th and 8th graders to the Lockheed Martin Global Innovation Center to explore hands-on, tactical equipment in the fighter flight demonstration center, the energy resources center, and the space satellite center.

No poster boards, minimal “lecturing” – more hands-on demonstration of technology, products, experiences that show what types of careers and projects the kids could work on if they choose a STEM career.  What better way to interest our next generation than to connect them with the “cool” technologies and applications of what they are learning today?

Welcome again and I hope you join us to spread WHS’ STEM vision across the country!

Kalyna, WHS' Youth Ambassador, 5th Anniversary Steering Committee

Kalyna, WHS’ Youth Ambassador, 5th Anniversary Steering Committee


Hello! And Welcome!

I also wanted to welcome you to the WHS STEM Initiative!  As the Youth Ambassador to the WHS Board for STEM, I worked closely with the leadership of WHS to engage my school and my peers to attend and engage in STEM activities.  The U.S. Secret Service was a BIG hit — and so was flying a helicopter around D.C. at the Lockheed Martin Global Innovation Center!

I don’t consider myself a “STEM” kid, but the jobs and projects that you can do with STEM are exciting and I am now considering things I didn’t even know about!  You can read my article about our trip in the WHS newsletter.

We’d really like you to get involved — kids and adults alike!  There are a bunch of ways to work with us:

1)  Like us!  WHS has developed a Facebook page on STEM:
Please like it!!  To date we have over 1200 likes – let’s make it 2000!  (It’s free too!!)
2)  Work with WHS to engage your school.  It’s easy and will introduce your local school to some amazing STEM technologies.  Contact us at:  [email protected]
3)  Volunteer to Host a School.  The purpose of WHS’ STEM Initiative is to “show” kids cool technologies, projects and work related to STEM.  Do you use computers in a cool way?  Do you build cool technologies?  Does your company make products that help us catch terrorists?  If you do we’d LOVE to host a school at your site.  Contact us to learn more!
4)  Volunteer to help!  We have a great Committee focused on STEM and will need WHS volunteers to help chaperone field trips and help the program grow. Join us to help spread the excitement and the love of STEM.
Thank you for your support of WHS STEM Initiatives!