WHS Learning

We all want to be better and smarter at our jobs and in our understanding of terrorism, its origins and the latest information on how we may stop it.  In addition to our monthly luncheons, WHS offers members two educational outlets to learn more and get better:  WHS University and our book club.

WHS University is a compilation of relevant reports issues by governmental or non-governmental organizations on homeland security issues.  One report per month will be featured in the newsletter and will more often than not relate to the monthly luncheon speaker.  Additionally, we have catalogued for your viewing, testimony from leading homeland security experts in our “Learn from Watching” portion of the website.  Click to your right to view speakers and topics.

WHS Book Club is an informal group that meets to discuss the WHS book of the month.  Also often either suggested by, or written by our luncheon speaker, books in the club will elevate and educate WHS members on homeland security, terrorism, and our efforts to combat and prevent the next attack.