2/2018 Luncheon with Anne Sittmann, Deputy Director, Television and Motion Picture Division, Office of Public Affairs, CBP

Join WHS for its February Luncheon featuring Anne Sittmann, Deputy Director, Television and Motion Picture Division, Office of Public Affairs, US Customs and Border Protection, US Department of Homeland Security. Ms. Sittmann will discuss the office and its mission and her integral role there.

Ms. Sittmann began working with the Television and Motion Picture Division when she served on the production team and chaired the review panel for “Border Wars,” still running in extensive rotation on cable television. Since she was assigned to work full time with Television and Motion Pictures, she has met with many producers, not only representing CBP but the Department of Homeland Security, at major conventions hosted by industry executives and creators.

As CBP’s liaison to the entertainment industry, Ms. Sittmann will advance CBP’s brand; educate the public in the laws, rules and regulations that our employees enforce; help to ensure informed compliance; and assist with recruiting and raising employee morale.

Ms. Sittmann has been with the OPA since 2009. Before moving to the Television and Motion Pictures division, she served as an information specialist with responsibilities for monitoring CBP regulations on trade, travel and admissibility issues. She was also responsible for researching new and emerging issues to disseminate to the public.

Anne brings to her position 32 years of experience in communications and media relations in both the public and private sectors. Anne’s experience in the government began in the office of public affairs at the White House, which led to a position at the Department of Treasury as a special assistant, promoting public information programs at the U.S. Mint. Her career extended to the Department of Commerce, where she served as director of public affairs for the Bureau of Export Administration. During that time she was called upon by the White House to serve as a press advance representative for international visits.

Anne earned Bachelor of Science degrees in both business finance and economics from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

CBP’s Office of Public Affairs, headed by an Assistant Commissioner, communicates CBP’s mission and operations. OPA continually informs the agency’s chief stakeholders, the American public, through media outreach and public awareness campaigns conducted via media events, news, video and photography as well as the public website CBP.gov, informational brochures, and a national customer service call center to address public questions and complaints. OPA also provides continual information to the CBP workforce through an intranet site and frequent leadership messages. A regular news magazine, Frontline, is developed for CBP personnel and stakeholders throughout the nation and abroad. OPA acts as a conduit for information to and guidance from the Department of Homeland Security.