Disaster Recovery & Response

Disaster Recovery & Response

WHS Book Club
Disaster Response & Recovery
by David A. McEntire

Where do you want to go? You might already be working in the emergency management field, and may be looking to expand your skills. You might be setting out on a new career path. Or, you might want to learn more about exciting opportunities in emergency management.

Wherever you want to go, Disaster Response and Recovery
will help you get there. Easy-to-read, practical, and up-to-date, this text not only helps you learn fundamental emergency management concepts; it also helps you master the core competencies and skills you need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. The book’s brief, modular format and variety of built-in learning resources enable you to learn at your own pace and focus your studies.

With this book, you will be able to:
Know what to expect in their aftermath of a disaster.
Explore two theoretical approaches to the management of disasters.
Be aware of the different participants in response and recovery operations.
Protect lives in the initial steps of hazard detection, warning, evacuation and sheltering.
Examine different disaster functions, including search and rescue, emergency medical care, fatality management, and stress counseling.
Know how best to care for those who have been affected by disasters.
Deal with the media, donations and volunteers after a disaster.
Manage public relations and community resources.
Understand damage assessment, disaster declarations and debris management.
Avoid typical problems during response and recovery operations.
Improve disaster management and coordination through technology and organization.
Learn the value of preparedness, improvisation, professionalism and leadership for you as an emergency manager.

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