MEET YOUR BOARD: Sue Crow, Treasurer

MEET YOUR BOARD: Sue Crow, Treasurer

Sue Crow works in real estate and (formerly) retail, and is the treasurer for Women in Homeland Security.  She has worked since age 13 and has volunteered much of her life.  Sue comes from a farming background, so hard work and perseverance are core to her personality. Although she doesn’t work in the homeland security environment, she joined the WHS board to “give back, and make this world a better place.”

1. What do you “do” in your day job?

I work as an administrative assistant to four senior executives at a real estate investment firm in Washington D.C. The company is also engaged with the nonprofit community through theFlamboyan Foundation, which does education advocacy in Washington D.C. Did you know that more than 90% of public school students in Washington D.C. either fail to pursue or achieve a college degree, or drop out of high school?  This foundation believes that family engagement is a key to turning that around, but also discovered that many families don’t feel welcome to engage.  The foundation is trying to address that, and I’m proud to be part of that effort.
2.     What did you study in school, and why?
I studied retail management.  I’m a “people-person,” and taking care of customers in a retail setting was so easy for me.  It allowed me to help others and strive for the best possible customer service on behalf of the various companies that employed me.
3.     Looking back on your life and career, what makes you most proud?
My three sons come first. Next, my support to my church. I volunteered as historian of their archives and collections, custodian of their vast investments for the cemetery, and construction and project manager of their new parish hall, columbarium, outdoor chapel and woodland altar. Lastly, supporting my parents as they matured into their senior years.

4.     How does WHS contribute to securing the homeland? 

So many ways!  Bringing like-minded people together is empowering in itself, and can lead to many unexpected benefits. There is so much we can do if we all work together.
5.     If you were in charge and had all the resources you needed, what would you do first to improve homeland security?
I would figure out a way to enlist the many hackers in the U.S. to work with the cyber division, to bring our systems to the cutting edge.  Money would also play a big part; for example, I would ensure that the Border Patrol has enough money for staff to perform their jobs effectively.  I would also cut the waste that seems so prevalent.
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