Mentoring Moments

Mentoring Moments

Women in Homeland Security has a mission and passion for mentoring and building strong female leaders for service to our homeland.  Whether you are looking for a job, have one and want to become better, or simply need some inspiration for your day, WHS’ mentoring pages have something for everyone.

Erin Hoffman, a presidential fellow with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security blogs for us about her experiences, decisions and path that led to this prestigious position.  She offers advice and counsel to other young women interested in serving in homeland security.  Meet her and read her blog under Meet our Bloggers.

Jenessa Jacobson Hoffman, President of Potomac Recruiting blogs for us with what’s hot and what’s not in the security field, how to interview, how to rev up your resume among many other topics.  Ask Jenessa your questions about the homeland security job market and where you should be looking in her blog for WHS.

Beryl Hosack, Director of Government Programs for Hi-G-Tek, Chairs WHS’ outreach to Universities and is available to discuss the merits of joining the homeland security field, where the needs are and what contribution students can make to their nation.  Contact her at [email protected] for a visit to your campus or to learn more about serving in the Department or in other areas of homeland security.

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