National Level Exercises (NLE) Private Sector Participation Info from FEMA

National Level Exercises (NLE) Private Sector Participation Info from FEMA

NLE 2011 is heating up. I wanted to provide you all two important updates – Participant Options and the VIP Observer Program. NLE 2011 will be historic in the level of private sector participation. And our approach this year is inclusive, invigorating and innovative. You really don’t want to be left out. So please review this email and these links closely, share them widely, and determine the level(s) of participation that best meet your needs.

Participant Options – We continue to add information to our public web NLE 2011 Web Site, and today added a very thorough Participant Guide . Perhaps the most striking opportunity within this guide are the five participant options. Please review the guide carefully and submit the Participant Registration form (p. 11) as follows:

1. Full Engagement—Planner and Player 
2. Full Engagement—Simcell 
3. Leadership Discussion Testbed 
To register or obtain additional information regarding these options, email [email protected]. 
4. Self Directed—Downloadable Tabletop Exercise (TTX). To register or obtain additional information regarding this option, email [email protected]. 
5. Virtual Engagement. To register or obtain additional information regarding this option, email [email protected]

VIP Observer Program

The NLE 11 External Affairs Working Group (EAWG) is developing the VIP/Observer Program to be conducted during the exercise. This program will offer invitees the opportunity to observe a wide-range of NLE 11 activities. Selected activities and briefings will be offered in several NMSZ states (AR, MO, IN, MS) as well as the National Capital Region during the week of May 16th. The invitees will be sent the formal invitation package which includes a cover letter signed by Secretary Napolitano, an observer schedule/menu of options, a registration form, and the NLE 11 Fact Sheet. These packages will be sent out in mid-late March.

Listed below is additional information on the program and how to submit nominations: 
Suggested PSWG Invitees: Corporation CEOs; Association Executive Directors; Directors of Security; Emergency Management Liaisons, and the like.

Funding Information: Please note that there is no funding available for travel/lodging for the observers. However, buses may be provided to/from individual events, and a boxed lunch will be provided during several of the all-day activities.

Requested Invitee Nomination Information: 
Name of Invitee: 
Invitee Contact Information (phone/email/address): 
Name/Title/Org of Nominator: 
Additional Notes as needed:

Deadline: Please submit invitation nominations you have to [email protected] and [email protected] by close of business Thursday, March 17.

If you need any additional information on the program, please feel free to contact Michelle O’Donnell, VIP/Observer Program Lead at [email protected].

Like I said, NLE 2011 is heating up. Please join the action.

FEMA Private Sector Division

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