Welcome WHS Legislative Fellow: Maria Avdieieva

Welcome WHS Legislative Fellow: Maria Avdieieva

Please help us welcome our legislative fellow from Ukraine!
Maria will be working on a project for WHS on women in homeland security here in the U.S.  She may be blogging for us, as well as participating in our luncheons and writing a piece on the numbers of women in our field.

[If your company is interested in a legislative fellow there are still some available from Ukraine, Georgia and Russia, please contact us for more information.]
More details about Maria:

City, Country: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Education: J.D., National Law Academy

Current Title and Place of Work: Research Associate, Kharkiv Branch of the National Institute of Strategic Studies (NISS)

Current Responsibilities: Ms. Avdieieva collects, analyzes and evaluates data on the Ukrainian political system.  She also researches the political situations of neighboring countries and opportunities for trans-boundary cooperation between Ukraine and its neighbors.

Motivation: Ms. Avdieieva is very interested in helping to strengthen the rule of law in and to encourage the constitutional reform of Ukraine so that the country can function in a more democratic manner.  She would like to learn first hand about the division of powers in the United States on the federal level and believes that this experience will directly benefit her in her career at NISS.

Professional Interests: Strengthening the core of young leaders in Ukraine who work for an independent and democratic Ukraine,constitutional law, international law.

Previous U.S. Experience: Traveled to Cincinnati on a Sister City Project in 1996.

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