WHS Announces Outstanding Members & Supporters

WHS Announces Outstanding Members & Supporters

Congratulations to our 2010 Stars!

WHS recognized the outstanding leaders, members and supporters who in 2010  supported us through their time, resources and participation and helped us grow this organization to the largest and most active representing women working in our field.

Please take a moment to offer them thanks and congratulations for their hard work and dedication to women working in homeland security.

Outstanding Leaders:  Outstanding leaders of WHS contributed their time, financial resources, ideas and execution to the benefit of WHS. They have promoted the organization, helped it grow and increased its substance reach and partnerships.

Lynn Ann Casey, arcAspicio

Julie Hassett, Hassett Willis

Ellen M. Howe, L-3 Security & Detection Systems

Janice Kephart, Center for Immigration Studies

Janet Lyman, Booz Allen Hamilton

Barbara Moffatt, New Dimensions

Catherine Nelson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Anne Petera, Lockheed Martin

Nancy Peters, CACI

Kimberly Purlia, EmeSec

Julie Myers Woods, ICS Consulting

Outstanding Young Leaders:  These young women took leadership roles with WHS and their companies or agencies to promote WHS, contribute to its substance, reach and partnerships.

Erin Corey Hoffman, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Amy Scheurer, Booz Allen Hamilton

Outstanding Members:  These members have contributed their time and efforts to increase the membership of WHS, assure that the organization has leveraged member resources and supported our events.

Jena McNeill Baker, The Heritage Foundation

Courtney Bromley, IBM

Cecilia DeCamp, IBM

Master Chief Edna Doak, U.S. Coast Guard

Rosemarie Franz, RCG

Sue Hopkins, DSCI

Victoria Laing, Battelle

Linda Mathes, American Red Cross in the National Capital Region

Mitzi Mead, Accella Consulting

Melissa Middlesworth, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council

Linda Morris, Strategic Analysis, Inc.

Michelle Mrdeza, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Megan Pioch, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Outstanding Supporters:  Every organization relies on some good souls that support the cause and put their time and resources toward it.  We thank all of the following supporters for their contribution to WHS’ every day operations, events and activities.

Master Chief of the Reserve Forces of the U.S. Coast Guard Mark Allen

Mack Bahri, PNC Bank, Oakton, VA

Mike Kelly, TASC

Master Chief of the U.S. Coast Guard Michael Leavitt

Senior Chief Jon Ostrowski, U.S. Coast Guard

Marc Pearl, Homeland Security & Defense Business Council

Randy Reid, U.S. Coast Guard (ret)

Don Scott, U.S. Coast Guard (ret)

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