WHS meets with Huban Gowadia, Acting Administrator, TSA

Dr. Huban Gowadia joined WHS for a luncheon thanks to Board member Dr. Sharla Rausch.  WHS members were able to hear a bit about the Acting Administrator of TSA’s journey, her advice for upcoming leaders, and a discussion of TSA’s priorities.  She emphasized the hard work of TSO’s on the line and urged us all to consider them similarly to our military members:  officers on the frontlines of protecting our nation from another terrorist attack.

WHS members Samantha Young of Accenture, Dr. Gowadia, and Barbara Alexander, GDIT

She urged us to be part of the solution and help carry the TSA message of securing our transportation to our friends, family, and our own travels.
Special thanks to Deloitte for hosting and sponsoring this event!