WHS Partners with Artworks for Freedom

“The Golden Doors to Freedom” is a conceptual and collaborative art project that gives people the opportunity to turn abandoned doors into vehicles for communal discourse. The process begins with the collection of one or more discarded doors. ArtWorks for Freedom Contributing Artist and gilder, William Adair, leads participants – who may be trafficking survivors or other community members – through a process of painting, varnishing and covering the doors with genuine 23k gold leaf.
The doors become precious surfaces for words and images, which scratch away at the ever-fading surface and share a historical link with gold’s inherent value. The monetarily worthless doors, adorned with gold and effectively “vandalized” by their viewers, address the devaluation of goods, the commodification of people and the intrinsic, sustaining value of the spirit.

“The Golden Doors to Freedom” provides a tangible way to bring people into the art-making process, while also inspiring them to learn more and speak out about the issue of human trafficking.

WHS is excited to provide our community the opportunity to participate in this creative project to raise awareness around human trafficking.  The WHS door will be designed at the 2016 WHS BBQ and unveiled in its final version in January 2017 during Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  For more information on the projects, visit Artworks for Freedom.

The Golden Doors will be displayed in local venues as part of larger awareness campaigns. They will be auctioned to raise funds for participating survivor groups and to expand the reach of the project.
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Kay Chernush 
Founder & President
ArtWorks for Freedom at the WHS  Human Trafficking Awareness Month  Event, January 2016.  Kay brought many  of her art pieces, currently displayed in  airports around the country, that raise  awareness about human trafficking.